Latest News • Michelle to star in new Amazon drama ‘The Collection’

Crossbones and Coupling star Richard Coyle is to lead the cast of a new eight-part drama series for Amazon set in Paris just after the Second World War.

The Collection is set to land on Amazon Prime in the UK later this year, and will also feature Michelle Gomez, best known for playing Missy in Doctor Who.

Written and executive produced by Oliver Goldstick (Ugly Betty, Pretty Little Liars, Desperate Housewives, Lipstick Jungle) The Collection tells the story of an illustrious Paris fashion house emerging from the dark days of the German occupation.

Coyle is set to play couturier Paul Sabine, with Harry Potter and Vicious actor Frances de la Tour playing his formidable mother Yvette. Gomez is set to play a fashion editor.

Also appearing is Tom Riley as Paul’s brother Claudie and Mamie Gummer as Helen, Paul’s American ex-wife. Gummer is the daughter of Hollywood star Meryl Streep.

Foyle’s War star Michael Kitchen also pops up as Frederic Lemaire Sabine’s former boss and mentor. Game of Thrones star James Cosmo (Jeor Mormont in the HBO epic) is Jules Trouvier, the silent partner who bankrolls the Maison Sabine.

The cast also includes Sarah Parish (Mistresses), Allan Corduner (Homeland) Alexandre Brasseur (Duval and Moretti), Bethan-Mary James (Belle), Patrick Kennedy (Downton Abbey), Poppy Corby-Teuch (The Royals), and Stanley Townsend (Galavant).

Goldstick said, “The Collection is an entrepreneurial fable set at a pivotal moment in France’s history when fashion truly became a vehicle for transformation and re-invention.  At its heart, it is the story of a volatile family who pay a steep price for their ambition – and this “family” encompasses not only the name on the label, but the devoted workers who execute The Master’s vision.

“Post-war Paris was a chaotic era of stark contrasts – hope and romance was in the air, but the shadow of the Occupation and its moral recriminations also haunted the city.  In this divisive world, mystery and secrets abound; knowing too much can cost you a lot – even your life.”

Star Coyle added, “Paul Sabine is a multi layered and conflicted ‎character, with a dark secret in his past which threatens to destroy the fashion empire he is building. He is a puppet-master on the brink of superstardom, trying to implement his bold new vision while keeping the doors closed on the skeletons threatening to burst out.”

liane   Feb 1, 2016

Michelle has posted another picture of her presumably in hair & make-up for her mysterious new project (which may or may not be Gotham!).

liane   Nov 2, 2015

Michelle recently alluded to a new job on her official twitter account, and now eagle-eyed followers will notice that her profile says “Look out for Gotham on FOX coming soon“. Could this mean that Michelle has landed herself a part in DC’s crime-drama?

liane   Oct 11, 2015

Character Options has released not one, but two Missy action figures! Each one is 5.5 inches, and they come in two outfit variants: the black outfit from earlier series eight episodes, and the purple outfit from Dark Water and Death In Heaven. I’ve already bought mine!

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liane   Sep 24, 2015

Jenna Coleman has posted this beautiful shot of Michelle Gomez during filming for The Magician’s Apprentice.

Behind the scenes shot featuring wonderful Michelle Gomez #missy #themagiciansapprentice

A photo posted by Jenna Coleman (@jenna_coleman_) on

liane   Sep 20, 2015

The mighty Gomez has joined Twitter! Her official account is @MichelleGomez.

liane   Sep 20, 2015

The new series of Doctor Who airs this Saturday, 19th September, at 7:40pm on BBC1. Michelle will reprise her role as the Doctor’s best enemy, the Master, in the exciting opening two-parter. Credit to Doctor Who News and Far, Far Away Site for the awesome promotional photos!

liane   Sep 15, 2015

I have added new promotional images and episode stills from series 9 of Doctor Who. Michelle will reprise her role as Missy in the opening two-parter, The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar.

liane   Aug 21, 2015

Michelle graces the cover of issue #490 of Doctor Who Magazine with co-star, Peter Capaldi.

Issue #490

Doctor Who Magazine spoke to the show’s executive producer and head writer, Steven Moffat, to give us a taste of what’s in store over the next 12 episodes…

“Why not start with a blockbuster?” says Steven of the two-part opening story, The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar. “Why leave it till the last two weeks? So yes, it’s like starting with a finale, and having a big, grand, movie-sized story, as opposed to a 45-minute story.”

What does Steven like about the longer format? “It allows you to play with certain things,” he replies. “There’s a kind of scale that you can attain in a two-parter, that you can’t have in 45 minutes. It’s a scale that we’re not used to at the moment, as we haven’t done two-parters for quite a while. And in a way, it’s sort of advertising the fact that we’ve got two-parters back this year. We do things in that first episode that I would say are very ‘two-parter-y’.”



    He’s mad, bad and dangerous to know… and now, DWM has discovered the secret diary of the Master, which reveals the insane thinking behind his… er, her every scheme!
    Why does nearly everyone in Doctor Who speak English? Steve Lyons investigates the mystery of universal translation throughout the history of the series – and comes to some intriguing conclusions…
    Showrunner Steven Moffat answers more readers’ questions – and presents a brand new scene which explores what the Doctor called himself during the Time War…
    The Fourth Doctor and Romana encounter creatures with a thirst for blood – and an ancient enemy of the Time Lords – as the The Fact of Fiction explores the 1980 story State of Decay.
    Clara has a shocking reunion with her boyfriend in the brand-new comic strip adventure, Spirits of the Jungle, by Jonathan Morris, illustrated by John Ross.
    Novelist, fan girl, and mum Jacqueline Rayner celebrates the joy of a new Doctor Who trailer in her regular column, Relative Dimensions.
    The Time Team embark on a marathon viewing session as they sit down to watch David Tennant’s swansong as the Doctor: The End of Time.
    DWM takes a look at a landmark new series of books, which begins in September: Doctor Who The Complete History.
    DWM talks to the people involved in the latest Doctor Who CD and book releases, including Dan Starkey, James Goss and Gary Russell.
    The Watcher examines some of the many unanswered questions in Doctor Who and celebrates a feisty equine talent in Wotcha!.
  • PLUS! All the latest official news, reviews, competitions and The DWM Crossword.

Doctor Who Magazine 490 is on sale from Thursday 20 August 2015, price £4.99.

liane   Aug 21, 2015

liane   Aug 21, 2015