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Michelle Gomez was born in Ayr, Scotland and grew up in Glasgow. She is one of four children; two older brothers, one of whom is called Derek, and a twin brother who died ca.2004 [1].

Michelle’s mother, May ran a modelling agency in Glasgow – Browns Inc – with her sister, Doris. Michelle’s father, Tony moved from Montserrat to Edinburgh to attend Fettes College and met her mother when he attended one of her shows:

Mum was an old-fashioned beauty: fine-boned, normal hair – not like mine, which is the stuffing out of a couch – and a great ass. She turned heads. Then this fellow from Montserrat who’d come over to Fettes College for an education and who was dabbling in photography, turned up at one of Mum’s shows and they fell in love.

Michelle’s date of birth is unconfirmed. An interview with The Observer in 2007 states that Michelle was 36 at the time, making her date of birth 1971, while The Times gives her age as thirty in their Actress CV published in 2003 [2]. An interview with The Scotsman’s Mark Fisher, published 18th April 2008, states that she turned 37 the day after, supporting the birth year 1971 [3].

When she was seven, her parents took her to see Cole Porter’s musical take on the Shrew, Kiss Me, Kate at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow [4].

Oh, it was my first play play. We were way up in the gods nearly passing out with heat exhaustion – they kept taking us off to dab our wrists in cold water to stop us overheating – but I kept dashing back in to see what was going on.

I was electrified and, of course, I thought they were talking to me. Even then I had an ego running riot. And I loved Kate’s energy, her fieriness. Even at that age, I identified; I thought: ‘Yup, I’m one of her, she’s one of me.’

Michelle attended the junior section of The Scottish Academy of Music and Dance from the age of twelve. “I’ve always been a show-off. I’ve always felt that it’s been a destiny, a quiet destiny. I lived and breathed it. I was a high-kicking, fame-loving twat when I was growing up” [1]

“I became an actress because I’m lazy,” she says. “I wouldn’t apply myself at school. I was quite bright but I didn’t do much with it and I thought acting was dressing up and shouting for a living – which, of course, it isn’t.” [3]

Michelle met her now-husband, Jack Davenport when she was starring in Trainspotting.

He came to see Trainspotting and, because I got my tits out on stage, he came back half a dozen more times. I only found this out when he rescued me from a blind date that was going nowhere. The This Life crowd were having their ‘wrap’ party in the same bar. He asked Steve, my date from Customs & Excise, if he could whisk me away and, bless him, he didn’t mind. Jack wasn’t my type at all. I thought he was too young and too posh and I told him that. Plus, I couldn’t deal with his dodgy bowlcut. But he wore me down.

They married in 2001 and now live in New York City with their son, Harry.


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