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Michelle Gomez: Questions

Michelle Gomez
28th October 2004
Author: The Scotsman

What’s your mobile phone?
It’s a small, silver Nokia, pretty basic. As long as they have numbers on them I’m happy.

What is your signature scent?
It changes a lot but my consistent favourite is Trish McEvoy’s Mandarin and Gingerlily.

What brand of underwear do you favour?
I’ve probably got knickers from when I was still at school! I’m not that fussed about underwear, but I’d probably go for M&S white cotton.

What sheets are on your bed?
Oatmeal-coloured Egyptian cotton.

What car do you drive?
A black BMW 3 series.

Favourite Champagne?

Brand of coffee?
Lavazza coffee for my cafetiere.

Which magazines are always on your coffee table and why?
I’m re-decorating so at the moment it’s Elle Decoration and Wallpaper.

Stereo or iPod?
I’ve got an iPod.

Cubic zirconium or diamonds?
My most treasured pieces of jewellery are my wedding and engagement bands from Theo Fennell. I’m after a scarf of pearls from Santa for my Christmas.

Superdrug or Estee Lauder?
Make-up wise I like Bobbi Brown and Mac. I’m also a fan of Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream. Dermalogica face washes are great for cleansing and Sebastian Raw Energy is the only shampoo that can deal with my hair.

What is your favourite piece of furniture?
It’s a huge, ugly, brown leather beanbag which is so comfortable.

Favourite bag?
I love my Longchamp shopper, which is mint green, chocolate brown and blue. Sounds horrible, but it’s lovely.

What is your oldest possession?
I’m not very sentimental but I do keep one of my dad’s old ties.

Most dog-eared book?
It’s a recent read – Snobs by Julian Fellowes. Very funny.

What item do you wish you had never bought?
A pair of bright red cowboy boots. Just far too red.

Favourite nick-nack?
A piece of brain coral that I was given as a gift.

What is your favourite labour-saving device?
I think I’m everyone else’s favourite labour-saving device.